About Mature Beauty

I started my personal shopping business out of complete frustration over how the beauty industry has steadily alienated mature women by pretending that they don’t exist.

In fact, I got so frustrated that I resigned from my job at one of the biggest beauty retailers in the U.S. where I was employed for five years.

I see nothing negative about using makeup and skincare products.

However, my outlook and approach to beauty products has never been about making women look younger. My approach has always been about allowing women to celebrate their own unique beauty, and using products to accentuate it at any age.

Having been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, I have always found mature women the most attractive and the most interesting to work with.

Personally, I much prefer the look of maturity.

Faces with character.

Faces with a history.

Faces that look as though they’ve been lived-in.

Yes, mature beauty is something to celebrate.